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our demands on the product

The Amur demountable cabin is the robust, fully insulated lightweight among the demountable cabins. The driving characteristics with this cab are excellent, also thanks to the compact design.

The cab can be hitched up or down in 15 minutes, the pickup remains usable in everyday life and is fully off-road capable when driving with the cab. It causes (whether in use or in when parked) there are no running costs, you don't need any special approvals.

Inconspicuous on the outside, it offers more than enough space inside for 2 people. The main reason for this is of course the parallel lifting roof, which conveys an open, spacious feeling. Visitors to our trade fair stand in Hanover or Saarbrücken couldn't believe the difference in size between the outside and the inside.

Based on many years of experience in special vehicle construction, we have succeeded in designing the interior in such a way that it meets a wide range of requirements and at the same time conveys a homely atmosphere. For example, has Each of the 10 cushions has several functions/possible uses. A variety of flaps, some of which are invisible, offer unique advantages for your adventure.

Amur Amur Amur

In summary, we managed to build a cabin that

- Anglers, hunters, photographers, travelers and camping fans alike are thrilled.
- integrates into nature, is at home in the wilderness,
- does not restrict the driving characteristics of the vehicle,even improved in mud and snow
- easily fits into the ocean container or even some parking garages with the vehicle,
- offers a lot of comfort of fully equipped world-motorhomes,
- combines the freedom of the roof tent with a better feeling, savety and sense of space,
- can be individually adapted to your ideas or your vehicle.

Technical data

Deposit cabin
  • Length/width/height: 310 x 161 x 144cm (depending on vehicle)
  • Parallel lifting roof
  • Weight empty cabin 270 kg
  • Weight of adventure equipment 420 kg
  • Sleeping area 155 x205cm
  • Seating group for up to 4 people
  • Seating group can be used as a second lying area (100x200cm)
  • Storage space approx. 400l
  • Akku LIFEPO 150AH
  • Solar 320 W thin layer ETFE, Victron MPPT BT
  • Konverter 3000Wp clean Sinus
  • fridge Dometik 65l
  • LED-Light inside/outside
  • heater 2KW Autotherm
  • Diesel tank 5l can be filled externally
  • Fan MAXAIR (automatic)

Amur Amur Tisch

Experience adventure up close, test for yourself what you really need.

Video about multifunctional interior design (30sec loading time)